Unpacking the Implications of Web3 for Local Government

The Challenge:

With all the excitement and money circulaitng around web3 and crypto, questions naturally arise as to whether these new technologies might provide valuable ways of tackling old challenges. In the wake of MiamiCoin and other embraces of web3 technology by the public sector, the Government Finance Officer's Association - the largest members organisation for local govenrment finance officers cross the US and Canada - requested the support of Life Itself Labs to help its members understand the role such technologies might play in rethinking local govenrment revenue systems.

Our Approach:

Life Itself Labs is producing a number of technical papers including a technoloigcal expainer and field overview, exploration of the social phenomenon and critical analysis of key potential use cases in the local government context. This will be followed by an interactive workshop, to guide stakeholders through the topic and help them to draw strategic conclusions about how to implement learnings in their own contexts.